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Information about book: What do Christians believe and all 8 studies combined

Holy Bible study Book

Both of our booklets combined.

This book contains all of our FREE to download Holy Bible studies and a lot of valuable information about Christianity and christian beliefs. The FREE downloads which are included in this book are;

Book 1 - what do Christians believe about God, Jesus
             and the Holy Spirit?

Book 2 - All 8 Short Holy Bible studies which are;

    1. What do Christians believe about God?
    2. Accepted as your are
    3. Reconciliation
    4. What is Baptism?
    5. Forgiveness
    6. The Holy Spirit
    7. Satan (the Devil)
    8. 1 Kings and Elijah

After reading this book you will have enough information that will either enable you to decide to become a Christian, to seek more advice about Christianity or to decide not to become a Christian.

If you do decide to become a Christian this book will provide you with a firm foundation for building your new Christian life. It will also provide you with a healthy appetite to seek more information and to build on your new Christian lifestyle.

If you decide to not to become a Christian I hope that the information on this site has been useful to you. I wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you for visiting and using What do Christians believe and may God bless you.

This book has 84 A4 pages

Please note that all downloadable files are in .pdf format. You will need Adobe acrobat or a file converter to read them. You can download adobe acrobat here. It is a free download.

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